What is Cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye which usually lead to a decrease in vision.

Type of Cataracts:
Aging is the most common cause of cataract, thus making Aging-related cataracts the  most type. Age related cataracts are further divided in three types.

  •  A nuclear cataract forms deep in the central zone (nucleus) of the lens. Gradually, this becomes hard due to condensation of lens nucleus and deposition of brown pigment within the lens. Nuclear cataract usually causes problems with distance vision, while reading is less affected.

  •  A cortical cataract is characterized by white, wedge-like opacities that start in the periphery of the lens and work their way to the center in a spoke-like fashion. Symptoms often include problems with glare and light scatter at night.

  •  A Subcapsular Cataract occurs at the back of the lens, adjacent to the capsule in which the lens sits. People with diabetes or those taking high dose of steroid have a greater risk of developing a sub capsular cataract.

Cataract In Urdu

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Cataract Symptoms and Signs:

Signs and symptoms for cataract vary  depending on the type, though some considerable causes are  similar for all.

- Hazy or Blurred Vision
- Glaring or increased brightness (Particularly while driving)
- Colors may appear less bright
- Temporary improvement in near vision (with nuclear cataract)

Normal Vision

Hazy Vision

What Causes Cataracts?

Researches worldwide have identified factors that may cause cataracts or are associated with cataract development. Some most common causes can be categorized as:

General Drug Use Nutrition and Medicine Related  Eye-sight Related
o Aging o Smoking o Obesity o Previous eye injury or inflammation
o Hypertension or trauma o Alcohol consumption o Diabetes o High myopia
o Family History o Statin medicines used to reduce cholesterol
o Radiation o Prolonged use of corticosteroid medications

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