A-Scan / IOL Master

A-Scan is often the first test that doctors recommend for patients suffering from disorders that distort the shape of the eye. The test is a common starting point for diagnosing various eye related issues. A-Scan is often used to measure the length of the eye. This is an important qualitative issue because it affects the selection of the lens that is inserted after cataract surgery.

ILO Master is a related test that is also essential in cataract surgery. The test is used to measure eye length and surface curvature. These two measurements are important in developing a clear picture for the eye surgeon prior to surgery. ILO Master is preferred for its fast and highly accurate results that are used in combination with A-Scan.

The Procedure Of A-Scan/ILO Master

The procedure of these two tests is similar. The tests are noninvasive and non contact. Thus, there is no need for anesthetic drops. The test is often conducted with the patient sitting down in a chair. The patient usually places the chin the chin rest of the machine and looks straight in the machine. Alternatively, the patient could ask to lie down. A cup filled with fluid is placed on the eye. The probe of the machine is placed in front of the eye.

It is recommended that the patient should spend at least 30 minutes in the hospital where the test was conducted. This allows the eyes to recover after the numbing effect of the drops.