Digital Fundus Fluorescein Angiography

Digital Fundus Flourescein Angriography is an eye examination technique that employs two important techniques as one procedure. The process is very important for evaluating the blood circulation in the retina, choroid and supporting tissue structure. The test is also known as retinal photography because it essentially generates an image of the retina.

Blood circulation is an important aspect of the body. If there are any issues in blood circulation within the eye, the vision of the person could be severely damaged. In addition, this lack of circulation could cause clots that could give rise to further structural issues.

Digital Fundus Flourescein Angriography is the technique used to determine the state of blood circulation within the eye. In particular, the test is use to check the state of circulation in the retina. The test generates wither color filtered (red removed) pictures or black and white images of the area.

The test is often used to determine the progress of various treatments being used.

The Process Of Digital Fundus Flourescein Angriography

At the start of the procedure, a set of test images are taken. These images are used to compare the state of circulation and to provide reference to the doctor. Next, a dye is injected in the eye area through one of the arteries in the neck. This dye is used to highlight the path of blood flow, thus highlighting the state of circulation in the eye.

As the dye enters the eye, it starts to flow through the various tissues and capillaries of the retina.