Fundus Photography

What is Fundus Photography?

Fundus Photography is an imaging technique used to generate images of the interior structure of the eye. The technique is particularly important for imaging retina and the head of optical nerve.

The test is often used as a continuing check on the progress of the eye disorder. Hence, a patient often undergoes this test several times during the treatment by Ophthalmologists. The test is vital for diagnosing and charting the course of various eye related issues and diseases.

Fundus Photography is used to diagnose several common eye diseases. The most common application of the test is to detect the symptoms of glaucoma. The test is also very important for patients suffering from diabetes. Diabetes causes damage to retina and optical nerve of the patient and Fundus Photography is an important test for detecting the early signs of the damage to the eye.

The Process of Fundus Photography

The test is painless and resembles other computerized eye exams. A special camera called a Fundus Camera is used to capture the image of retina and associated structure.

Before the test, the technician might place few drop of medicine in the eye to dilate the pupil. This is an important step as dilated pupil offers a much better view of the internal structure of eth eye. The patient see a quick flash of light during the test.

The test results are in the form of a detailed picture of the retina and optical nerve.