What Is Chalazion?

Chalazion is a painful condition that develops because of a blocked oil gland in the eyelid. When the gland and the associated duct get blocked, the initial signs are swelling and redness of the eyelid. The problem most commonly affects adults of ages above 30.

The Progression Of The Disorder

Chalazion starts with a minor irritation in the eyelid. The affected area, while very small, is red and painful to touch. After a few days, it enters its second stage. In this stage, it develops into a larger and painless swelling in the affected area. . this swelling could get as big as a pea.

Symptoms Of Chalazion

The initial symptom of Chalazion is a very small lump in one of the eyelids. The eye tears up a lot because of continuous irritation of the eyeball. In extreme cases, the vision might become blurred because of the pressure of Chalazion on the eyeball.


Chalazion might disappear without treatment. The process could take months. however, such Chalazion might recur on almost regular basis. For very small Chalazion, doctors might suggest warm compress every half hour.

For larger mass, surgery is the only solution. This surgery is a simple procedure and often the patient is able to go home after several hours of the procedure.