Treatment-for-Dacryocystitis (DCR)

Dacryocystitis is caused by any number of reasons that cause obstruction in the flow of fluid down the lacrimal passage. Even a partial blockage is enough to provide hospitable ground for bacteria. Once the infection takes hold, the entire passage is blocked off.

Diagnoses Of Dacryocystitis

The initial diagnosis of the condition could be made by visual examination. The redness and swelling of the eye and the side of the nose are often enough for many doctors. However, in cases where these indications are absent, the doctor could order an ultrasound examination. A culture of the tear fluid is often ordered simultaneously. The results of the culture are a sure indication of the presence of infection in the eye. The culture also identifies the type of infection and the suspected organism. This way, the patient could begin to receive appropriate treatment immediately.

Treatment Of Dacryocystitis

The initial round of treatment of Dacryocystitis starts with oral antibiotics. The aim of the treatment is to ensure that the infection is cleared away. In many cases, this is enough to open the channel and restore the normal flow of tear fluid don to nasal cavity.

In extreme cases, the doctors have to resort to surgical procedure known as dacryocystorhinostomy. The procedure involves restoring the channel by making the connection between the eyes and the nasal cavity. In other surgical procedures, inflatable balloons are used to clear away all obstructions in the tear channel.