Entropion Procedure

The treatment of Entropion is dependent on the extent of the damage to the cornea. For many patients, a simple routine of lubricating eye drops is often enough to control the condition. These drops are often combined with antibiotic drops to minimize the chance of infection because of constant irritation.

A special case is the treatment of congenial entropion. In almost all cases, the condition is left alone. It has been observed that as the child grows up, the changes in the eye socket and eyeball cause the eyelids to assume their correct position.

However, corrective surgery is often required in cases which do not respond well to eye drops.

The doctors decide the need for corrective surgery when the conditions become unmanageable by other options. The surgery aims to correct the direction of the eyelid and to stop further damage to the cornea.

The doctor evaluates the reason of behind the inward turn of the eyelid. Once this step is over, the date of the operation is decided.

The operation is usually carried out under local anesthesia. However, the surgeon could decide to opt for a general anesthesia if the procedure is long or the patients could not stand local anesthesia.

The exact reason of entropion is then removed. In many cases, it is the presence of loose skin under the lower eyelid. The surgeon also reshapes the musculature that controls the lower eyelid.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient could go home. There is a strict regime of antibiotic drops and ointment to ward off the possibility of infection.